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Can’t see anymore. All blurry @__@ But can’t  sleep either so doodled down some of the Thorki concepts I want to make pics of more or less properly…once…in a different universe where I’ll have the time to do so. uhuh I’m seriously considering exchanging my sleep time for drawing.

Also just realised the first pic (concept of boys school Thor×Loki) looks like Loki/Hemsworth. trololo


“Dominate me” breathed Loki against Thor’s thigh, clutching him tighter, lips pulling upwards in a sick smirk. His voice was broken, choked and husky from the blood dripping down his throat and from the strong arousal - the remains of their earlier fight, cut in half by Loki’s wild statement.- His sharp intakes of breath and his blood, silently dripping down and smearing the fabric of his pants were moist and hot against Thor’s sensitive skin, causing a shiver to wrack across his body despite himself.

———- Yeah! I actually have a ficlet idea with this scene. First time in my life… no shit. But it’ll have to wait until I can make up coherent sentences. aka. after SLEEP.

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